Parts of Speech (Bagian Mendasar)


Parts of speech adalah bagian-bagian mendasar dari kalimat bahasa Inggris berupa jenis-jenis kata atau kelas kata.
Ada 8 part of speech, yaitu: nounpronounverbadjectiveadverbprepositionconjunction, dan interjection.
Penjelasan dan contoh praktis kedelapan Part of Speech:
  • 1. Every name is called a nounthings, places, animals, and people.
  • 2. In place of noun the pronoun stands: I, me, my, mine, dan myself.
  • 3. Most verbs mean action, something done: write, wrote, written.
  • 4. The adjective describes a thing/noun: beautifulflower.
  • 5. How things are done the adverbs tell: beautifully, quickly, slowly, badly
  • 6. The preposition shows relation: in, on, at.
  • 7. Conjunctions are used to connect sentences or words: and, or, but.
  • 8. The interjection cries out, “Heed! An exclamation point must follow me!”

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